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Tools for States to Address Crime

The public is concerned about crime and distrustful of the justice system

  • In recent polls, crime ranks as one of the top 3–5 most important issues for voters.1 
  • Just 14 percent of the public report “quite a lot” of confidence in the criminal justice system.2  
  • Between racial disparities and concerns about violence and disorder, people are worried the justice system is broken. 

State leaders need a plan to advance safety and justice.  

  • To be effective, any plan must be responsive to state-specific trends and research-based tactics.  
  • Governors and legislators are best positioned to bring together people and data from across their states to develop a plan that is effective, efficient, and fair. 

To equip state leaders, the CSG Justice Center has analyzed the most recent 50-state data on crime, arrests, and prison populations and has developed a list of 10 ways states can lower crime

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Writing: Marshall Clement, CSG Justice Center

Data Analysis and Visualization: Matt Herman, CSG Justice Center

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