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Public Health Meets Public Safety recognizes that corrections data is only one of many relevant datasets for understanding and impacting incarceration rates. Striking new ground, this project seeks to leverage data from multiple state and local sources to understand how policy changes (e.g., in health care or housing) impact incarceration rates.

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lens icon Methodology

These data visualizations are based on numerous publicly available datasets and stakeholder priorities. They are informed by the framework to allow users to make connections between county-level indicators and justice outcomes.  The main page shows a range of community measures and how they relate to the geography of California, as well as more detailed visuals of each measure. It also provides the ability to dive deeper into the measures overall.  The goal of the visualizations is to let the user explore a number of different important areas of social policy in one place. The visualizations will continue to grow over time with new data as well as analysis connected to relevant policy issues. Users can also access definitions of the measures and domains for more detail.


report icon Lived Experience

The Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center sought to highlight the expertise of people who have lived experience with the justice system and who face behavioral health issues to inform policymaking at the intersection of criminal justice and behavioral health. Data collected from individuals with lived experience directly related to this population were analyzed and findings were presented. Researchers used peer-reviewed published literature and qualitative and non-Western research methodology to support a comprehensive examination of data sets. Six themes were identified, and data analysis revealed areas of need and effective solutions to meet those needs from participants’ views. The analysis produced six dominant themes: Community Environment, Treatment Landscape, Crisis Response, Presence of Trauma, Cultural Considerations, and Sense of Belonging.